Getting Started - Pre Growth Track Launch

This guide will help you efficiently launch Funnelfly and quickly reap its benefits

1. Create Account

Sign Up using your Gmail or other business email account

Create Your Account by providing your business contact information

Growth Tracks are your automated sales engines for success. Both Growth Track and email copy templates are provided for quick launch.

Time to add People (Leads) to Funnelfly. You can add them multiple ways including:

  • Automatically using integrations with Intercom, Zapier, & Stripe
  • Manually via a CSV file
  • Manually as individual People (Leads)

Welcome to Funnelfly! From the dashboard, you can manage all areas of growth automation. You are almost ready to set your growth into automation. But first, review your data to ensure optimized personalization of email copy.

2. Personalize Communication

In order to personalize the provided email copy in the Growth Tracks, we need some key information from you. This information will be used throughout the email sequences and will allow you to have a personal engagement with the People (Lead). We refer to this information as Variables.

Variables allow you to personalize the communication you send to People (Leads). There are two types of email variables in Funnelfly. We call them Global and User Variables.

Global variables are specific to your business and include things like your name, email address, meetings link, links to blog posts, and value propositions.

User variables are specific to the People (Lead) you are addressing and trying to convert to paying customers. These Variables include information such as User name, email address, company name, etc.

To access and personalize your (Variables) email communication, select Settings from side navigation bar. Next, select Email Settings. From this screen, make sure to complete the following before activating a Growth Track:

  1. Connect your Gmail account to send automated emails
  2. Establish the maximum number of emails to be sent from your Gmail account per day (200 max)
  3. Create a personalized signature that will appear at the bottom of each email
  4. Complete the Global Email Variables which will help personalize your email copy

3. Review People (Leads)

Before launching your first Growth Track, you should review the People (Leads) to make sure they all include complete data fields. An easy way to view for data gaps is from the People screen. It is important to have complete data on People (Leads) as this information in personalized in email communications that will go out automatically once added to a Growth Track.

To edit data for specific People (Leads), select their name from the People screen. The primary information needed to personalize email copy is listed below. Make sure these data fields are included for all People (Leads).

  • Lead Owner
  • Email address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Lead Value

4. Launch Growth Tracks

See "Getting Started - Growth Track Launch" guide for step by step instructions.

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Getting Started - Pre Growth Track Launch

This guide will help you efficiently launch Funnelfly and quickly reap its benefits

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